Power Pro Lady Fitness - The Power Pro Lady Fitness bar is specifically designed to optimize the female diet. In one bar only 97.2 kcal and absolutely no fat. The bar has a pleasant fruity with sour taste, it satiates, satisfies the need for sweet and provides the body with the right amount of energy. The basis of the bar is complex carbohydrates with a small addition of simple.
Complex carbohydrates are slowly absorbed by the body, gradually increase the level of sugar in the blood, in contrast to simple sugars, which lead to insulin leaps, fatigue and an uncontrolled feeling of hunger. The Power Pro bar includes supplements that help lose weight: L-carnitine, Bromelain, Folic acid.
Ingredients: glucose syrup, maltodextrin, honey natural, corn balls, rice balls with cocoa, bromelain (2%), candied fruits, confectionery glaze (sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa powder, lecithin, vanillin) fiber, wheat flakes, oat flakes, soy flakes, barley flakes, wafer crumb, carnitine (0,875g / 100g), lecithin, acidity regulator-citric acid (E330), food flavourant,
identical to the natural "Fruit mix", vitamin premix (vitamin C 15 mg / 100 g, vitamin PP -4.5 mg / 100 g, vitamin E -2.5 mg / 100 g, vitamin B 5 1.5 mg / 100 g, vitamin B 6 - 0 , 5 mg / 100 g, vitamin B2 - 0.4 mg / 100 g, vitamin B1 - 0.35 mg / 100 g, Folic acid (vitamin B9) -50 μg / 100 g, biotin (vitamin B7) -38 μg / 100 g, vitamin B12 - 0.25 μg / 100 g), preservative - sorbic acid (E220). Nutrient content in one bar (50 g) Energy value (caloric content), kcal 121.5 wheat fiber, wheat flakes, oat flakes, soy flakes, barley flakes, wafer crumbs, carnitine (0,875g / 100g), lecithin, acidity regulator, citric acid (E330), food flavoring ,
Proteins, g 1.5 Carbohydrates, g 29 Fats, g 0.5 Lecithin, mg 103.5 Vitamin C, mg 7.5 Vitamin B2, mg 0.2 Biotin B7, μg 19 Vitamin E, mg 1.25 Vitamin PP, mg 2.25 Vitamin B5, mg 0.75 Vitamin B6, mg 0.25 Vitamin B1, mg 0.175 Vitamin B12, μg 0.125 Folic acid (B9), mcg 25.

Method of application: 1-3 bars a day, before and after training.

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